Flint & Steel Studios is founded first on a passion for cinema and video production. As young film makers, we provide a unique, new-age perspective guaranteed to give you goosebumps.

From small business to wedding productions, we pride ourselves on delivering not only a quality product, but something you’ll be proud to share with the world.

Meet The Team

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Garrett Fry


Eric Decker


Josiah Selvig


Hey guys, welcome to the website! My name is Josiah Selvig, and I love action sports, being outdoors, and filming... everything. Over the years, my love for film has transformed from creating fun videos for my friends to producing high end wedding films and corporate videos. I've devoted enormous time to sharpening my filming and editing skills to ensure that your project is captured in the most cinematic way possible.

Eric and I have been producing high-end videos since high school, and with the dream of making a dent in the film industry, we launched Flint & Steel Studios. We strive to make your dreams and ideas a reality, and we would be thrilled to have the opportunity of working with you. Feel free to Contact Us whenever you’re ready to get things rolling!

Heather Fry

Heather Fry

Team Mom